4. Pick a Project...

What is splART, you ask?  I would say it is the culmination of all the things I love...art, parties, girls' nights, sparkle, paint, and FUN!  This idea of a traveling art party evolved from my summer art camps that I host for kids in my town (better known as a 'village').  I was contacted by one of my students to have a mini-art camp at her birthday party.  That was the revelation....hey this is a great idea, I can do this!  And not just for kids.  This idea of a traveling art party is genius!  I bring the mess, let you choose what you want to create, I clean-up the mess, and you have a one-of-a-kind masterpiece!  Everyone wins!

What can we create at the splART Party?  Kids projects are customizable for the specific age group and will be on an 8x10-12x12 canvas.  Adult projects will be on a 10x10-16x20 canvas (depending on the specific project).  Here are some options you can pick for adults...

Option 1:  Wildflowers
(Acrylic Paint)

Option 2: Chevron Birds
(Customizable colors & amount of birds or substitute other animals)

Option 3: Daisy Collage
(Acrylic paint & Magazine paper)

Option 4: Poppies
(Acrylic Paint & Torn Paper Collage)

Option 5: Moon Glow
(Acrylic Paint)

Option 6: Whimsical Branches
(Pattern paper collage & acrylic paint.  Colors are customizable)

 Option 7: Wild Birds
(Acrylic Paint)

Option 8: Modern Tulips
(Acrylic Paint & Stencils)

Option 9: Glowing Tree
(Acrylic Paint)

Option 10: Circles & Swirls
(Acrylic Paint)

Option 11: Love Birds at Night
(Acrylic Paint)

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